"Time" is the measure of "Change".

The one constant in the Universe is


"Mankind" of "change", gives names to other

aspects of the "One" Universal "Change".


The Mystery School

Is where an "individuated aspect" of the Whole

(in "Its" manifestation as and of "Universal Change")

begins to understand the Whole and their relationship to It

"through the processes of "involution" and then "evolution" In to and out of "Manifested Change".

This is the "plane of effects".

The "Candidate" seeks to understand

their aspects of Cause and their "relationship" to the Manifested Change of

The Whole.


"Mystery School"

 has never changed.

The "Times" when candidates have looked for it,

and the descriptions of those who have found

and "tread" the path to and through it.


What is being considered, are activities of

"High"-"White Magic".


Magic, is the "conscious use of the imaginative facility i.e. the brain.

This implies that the candidate has "realized" that they are in point of fact a triplicate.

The "non incarnate" point of projection or "guardian angel". The bridge point or "subconscious", and then the outward facing "personality",

the computer complex that is programmed by all what is exterior to you!

Housed in an Animal Body, that without education only wants to eat, sleep and replicate in as much comfort as possible.

Come with me on a journey to consider how some other

"Initiated Master Masons"

have viewed